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Pray to Russian Hacking Ring Slot Aristocrat drops

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Pray to Russian Hacking Ring Slot Aristocrat drops

Aristocrat has disclosed that he was victim to an extinguishment effort by a gang of Russian hackers in a troubled narrative about the significance of safe gaming 1bet2you, the Australian slot maker behind games like Heart of Gold and 50 Lions. The hacker, only known as Alex, talked extensively with Wired, outlining how he could organise a team that used millions of technical problems within the slots, in particular their pseudo-alloys.

The technique 

Alex created a network of roaming field agents, who worked with photographing phytosanitary machinery while they were playing to determine when the odds indicated a payment through its mastery of mathematics and computer logic. By the way, four of his operatives were arrested and charged with fraud in the United States. However, the gang’s approach to score these regular gains is uncertain how many additional operatives there could have been. After a central analysis, timing data may be given to the field agents’ phones, informing them when to play their machines to use the odds for them.

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Rack up

He could rack up more than 250,000 dollars a week using this strategy, according to Alex’s reports. When Alex chose nobly to hang up his boots, the attempted extortion arrived – but he didn’t intend to go away silently. The fraudster apparently approached Aristocrat personally after 8 years of successful casinos draining their money, putting a halt to his rackets.

He promised to dissolve the group by stopping its slots and, for his own motives, a move that he seems to have already planned to execute. But he intended to exit out of the game with an 8 figure amount and, instead, he would provide developers a helping hand to solve their gaming difficulties.

In addition, he hinted sinisterly that information would be much more detrimental to a direct rival – the menace that probably sheltered his destiny – by sending him to a comprehensive breaking apart of his understanding of PRNGs behind several slots games.

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Further attention 

In Aristócrat’s opinion, the subject was sent for further attention to law enforcement. Although Alex agreed to meet on neutral territory, the corporation allegedly refused to pay the conditions. A corporate spokesman also said that there is no proof that the games are not common.

“Aristocrat is a highly integral corporation, with 0% unethical conduct tolerance. There was, therefore, no real or possible cheat on any game other than those handfuls of older MkVI titles that were previously revealed.” “Not paying and never paying extorting money.” Despite the firm’s aggressive reaction to the hacking ring, its credibility will be significantly affected.

Slots developers are thriving on their reputation, and this is a special soft spot that must be maintained in security and fairness issues. One of the constant anxieties of new and veteran players is that they don’t play a fair, random game or that the pitch is vulnerable to misuse.


Although there are always those who best attempt to cheat casinos, many players don’t want anything with it – they want to make sure that critical information is secure, not to mention that they have an equal opportunity to win large for their money than other players.

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